KRUPS ZX700041 Juicer Review

This juicer with a power of 115 watts, has a universal cone for efficiency and maximum juice extraction.

With its detachable handle, its use will be very comfortable. 3 selector functions also allow you to use your juicer traditional way.

Finally, the stainless steel filter will facilitate daily cleaning.
  • Power 115 watts.
  • Direct service to the glass.
  • Switch manual / handle mode.
  • Stainless steel filter.
  • Stop drops.
  • Detachable handle soft touch.
  • Button on / off switch +.

The excellent performance for KRUPS is to offer the best technology for the best results, put all its experience and expertise to service quality and unbeatable strength.

Juicer Review

Green Star – your home for free
With the Green Star juicer, you can make fresh homemade juice from fruit juice, vegetable juice and juice of herbs rich in vitamins, trace elements, minerals and enzymes for a healthy diet. This is the juice extractor that keeps most minerals in the juice. With GreenStar juicer you can extract up to 25% more juice than another extractor for the same amount of food.
Extractor premium juice for a healthy diet:
Green Star ™ juice extractor was developed in order to squeeze the juice from very healthy and fresh fruit, with a maximum of vitamins, enzymes and minerals. This premium juice extractor is ideal for all kinds of fruits and vegetables. It is even possible to squeeze the fresh wheat grass and celery.
Fresh homemade juice of higher nutritional quality
Fruit juices and vegetables are not spun; they are extracted with powerful crushing rollers which rotate at 110 revolutions / minute only. By embedding one in the other in the manner of gear wheels, cylinders gently press juice, emitting a minimum of heat and minimum oxygen absorbent. Very fragile enzymes and valuable vitamins are preserved and oxidation delayed. Thanks to its very slow rotation, the Green Star allows you to make fruit juices and vegetables rich in vitamins!
More minerals in optimal bioavailability with Green Star
The grinding rolls of Green Star Juicer ™ are equipped with magnet surrounded by bio ceramic that optimize the quality of the juice. They do not just pick up minerals, they simultaneously increase their bioavailability. In other words, your body can better absorb these minerals and better enjoy.
Green Star: more than a juicer!
With GreenStar Juicer, you can make fresh homemade juice but also purees and sorbets made with fresh or frozen fruit, not to mention delicious healthy recipes with nuts and dried fruits …
Extraction technique of Green Star:
The twin roller mill equipped with stainless steel inner magnets press at 110 r / min only: a particularly delicate work that improves the quality of juice and preserve vitamins and minerals.
  • Can I extract of wheat grass with the Green Star?
You can totally make your wheatgrass juice extractor with Green Star. To do this, simply take a handful of grass – turn your own culture or buy the ingredient from an online retailer – and insert the top into the hopper.
  • Why the Green Star rolls they turn more slowly than other juicers?
The high performance of the extractor Green Star system lies precisely in this slow rotation of the rollers. With this slow rotation, your fruits and vegetables are first mashed before being extracted as juice. At this speed particularly low, the Green Star extractor guarantees a return of particularly high juice, with a residue of marc extremely dry. You get more juice than other juicers and even better … The slow extraction introduces only very little oxygen: your juice much better therefore contain more vitamins and enzymes.
  • What criteria do the Green Star was first elected to the test conducted by the consumer association?
In 2003, the consumer association tested Green Star the extractor and other famous juicers. Extractor Green Star winner emerged, distinguished by such outstanding notes to different extraction criteria, handling, durability and noise. Not only is the Green Star can be used over long periods thanks to its screw independent output for marc, but also proves particularly quiet compared to other juicers. Of course, It also stood out thanks to its exceptional juice yield and ease of use.